Tagaroo Tagging


For all my WordPress buddies out there.
This is a very simple plugin for WordPress that helps bloggers add content tags and images based on the content that they have in their post! Very cool stuff, future of SEO optimizations for bloggers, next they need to provide relevant content additions based on your typed content.


Other ways people are using opencalais.com systems...

And you could do it all yourself:

Some sites are using it also...
this forum post states...
 "I don't know about tinyurl but bit.ly is using semantic analysis of every page that goes through its system using Reuters' Open Calais api. It will be able to create meme tracker, geo spatial information, etc. and sell those information to web research farms. It will be able create trend management software using millions of pages that are posted in Twitter. Bit.ly has only 12% market share but its adoption by Twitter will propel it to a higher market share."

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