Friday, August 31, 2012

"Call Me" glove, the true power glove

Hi-Fun's call-receiving Bluetooth gloves, hands-in

Hi-Fun's gloves are Bluetooth "hand sets" with the speaker built into the thumb and the mic in the pinky. You then use the "call me" sign language to perform a call.

Pairing and call end buttons are on the top of your wrist. Seems that the only concern is the max volume on the thumb speaker and possibly the quality of the mic in loud settings.  At least you could say "Sorry my thumb can't hear you" or "I cannot hear you through my thumb".

Hi-Call should be out in the beginning of October 2012, just in time for the cold weather.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A RESTful CRUD controller for FuelPHP

A RESTful CRUD controller for FuelPHP

For the most part, HTTP verbs map directly to functions (e.g. GET /controllername => function get()). The client can choose the return format by specifying an extension (see the documentation for Controller_Rest in FuelPHP).
GET requests can invoke one of three methods.
  • When one or more arguments are specified, it will try to invoke {Input::method}_{resource1}.
  • Otherwise it will invode {Input::method}_index();
  • When no arguments are specified, it will try to invoke get_list($page) (falling back to get(...) or get_index).
  • When the search GET paramater is populated, it will invoke get_search($query, $page), falling back to get_list($page), and finally get(...) or get_index.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Geek Crafts


Too bad the owner/operator of casstasstrophe shut down the site.  I know some geek gals that would love this necklace.

Geeks do like shiney things

CarGeek @

Pay Per Like has a nice quote about geeks.

None of these are truly good design, they’re just gimmicks. Most geeks tend to be attracted to these shiny things.


Very interesting language
Why did I write yet another programming language? Basically because I wanted:

  • A Lisp
  • for Functional Programming
  • symbiotic with an established Platform
  • designed for Concurrency
Clojure is a Lisp not constrained by backwards compatibility
  • Extends the code-as-data paradigm to maps and vectors
  • Defaults to immutability
  • Core data structures are extensible abstractions
  • Embraces a platform (JVM)

Short Links

So there are a lot of short url sites.

By short url sites, I mean sites that will save a long url for you and provide a short one that you can use in tweets, blogs, and other things that limit your text. Most of these sites will even provide analysis on who, when, where, and how these links are clicked.

There is also sites that expand the short urls, so you may see what they are linking to.

Tagaroo Tagging


For all my WordPress buddies out there.
This is a very simple plugin for WordPress that helps bloggers add content tags and images based on the content that they have in their post! Very cool stuff, future of SEO optimizations for bloggers, next they need to provide relevant content additions based on your typed content.


Other ways people are using systems...

And you could do it all yourself:

Some sites are using it also...
this forum post states...
 "I don't know about tinyurl but is using semantic analysis of every page that goes through its system using Reuters' Open Calais api. It will be able to create meme tracker, geo spatial information, etc. and sell those information to web research farms. It will be able create trend management software using millions of pages that are posted in Twitter. has only 12% market share but its adoption by Twitter will propel it to a higher market share."

Monday, August 27, 2012

Piggy USBy

Piggy USBy
A friend posted this pig (on the right) today and I just had to check it out and see what I could find for USB fun.  I was able to find some funny little memory pigs that allow you to hog some memory. Ha Ha.  Ya, that was lame.  Hopefully this is fun for someone!