Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Worst Php Code EVER!

Quote from reddit PHP

Creating a user from the web problem.
I have a form that creates a user by entering the username and their password. The code I'm using in php is:
shell_exec("sudo useradd -p $encpass -g groupname -s /bin/bash $username");
I have used a whoami and have confirmed that it runs as http. In /etc/sudoers I have
root ALL=(ALL) ALL
%sudo ALL=(ALL) ALL
I also added http to group wheel. The problem I am having is it's not setting the password correctly. The user is created, just the password isn't set. I know that $encpass has a value because I can display it. I also know the command works because it runs fine in command line. This was working before, but I had to reinstall Arch Linux, so does anyone have an idea for why this doesn't work?
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