Billiard vs Carom

I had to look up billiard and carom. A friend used "billiard" in a post and that is not commonly use among my pool peers. He mentioned a shot that was a carom, so I thought he was mistake. Actually I was, but I had to dig to find the answer.
billiard <noun>: a stroke in which the cue ball strikes two balls successively.
carom <noun>: another term for billiard
carom <verb>: make a carom; strike and rebound.
Not very definitive definitions.
This seems like the resource I was looking for...
BILLIARD. (Carom games) A count or score; a successful shot.
CAROM. (General) To bounce off or glance off an object ball or cushion; a shot in which the cue ball bounces off one ball into another is termed a carom.
CAROM, SCORING. (General) Contact by the cue ball with object balls, the bottle or cushions in such a way that a legal score is made, according to specific game rules.
So carom (scoring) is also a billiard, but carom (general) is not.
Easy Pool Tutor - In pocket billiards a carom shot is defined as a shot in which the cue ball hits an object ball which then hits another object ball before going into a pocket.

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